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Review: Django Unchained (2012)

(92) Quentin Tarantino recently expressed concerns about tarnishing his legacy in old age. If the sum of his next few films amount to half of Django Unchained, he worries in vain. This screenplay is his strongest straightforward narrative so far and Django is perhaps his most visually stylish work. Waltz makes for a magnificent, kindly old wizard of legend and Foxx is the perfect classical hero. I left Inglourious Basterds excited but with critiques caught on the tip of my tongue – I have nothing but praise for Django. Peckinpah’s wild America lives on!

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3 comments to Review: Django Unchained (2012)

  • We are definitely a culture of violence. One day I saw Jack Reacher, the next day, Django! Loved this film. But I was struck with how much fake blood needs to be splattered nowadays to remain current! A bit uncomfortable considering all the shootings in reality lately!

  • Stu

    Hey, Paul, I’m having trouble viewing the content on your blog today. Everything gravy? The awards page is the only thing that loads correctly.

  • The violence in Django, with exception of the dog scene, is pretty cartoonish. I don’t think it really horrified viewers as much as other films.

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